The full programme of the conference and the abstracts of each contributed talk can be found here:

Abstract Booklet

We encourage participants that if they are able to, they should have eduroam set up on their laptop as this will be the best way to have wi-fi on campus.

One of the rooms does not have a blackboard or whiteboard at the front of the room (but on the side of the room). Please let us know if you would like to be scheduled in a room with a blackboard/whiteboard.

Details over the programme

  • We would expect participants to arrive on Sunday 8th December, in the afternoon.
  • On the Sunday evening, there will be a Welcome Reception (in the Monadelphous Integrated Learning Centre)
  • The lectures will begin on Monday morning and end on Friday afternoon.
  • A contributed talk is understood to be standard: a 20 minute talk with 5 minutes of questions (or a 25 minute talk with no questions).
  • The excursion on the Wednesday afternoon will be a river cruise on the Swan River from the Perth CBD to Fremantle.
  • The conference dinner will on the Thursday evening.
  • The Friday programme may change, so please keep informed of any changes.

The main room for the plenary talks will be Weatherburn Lecture Theatre, and the contributed talks will be in the Weatherburn LT, Monadelphous Integrated Learning Centre (MILC), and Blakers LT. Below is a draft timetable.

Changes are in bold.

Sunday (evening), 8th December

Registration and Welcome Reception (MILC): 17:00 — 19:00.

Monday, 9th December

8:00 Registration
8:45 Opening address
9:00 Dillon Mayhew
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Brettell Silaban Elder
11:00 Clark Simanjuntak Fawcett
11:30 Funk Kwan S.Zhou
12:00 Welsh Naor Glynn
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Nick Wormald
15:30 Afternoon tea
16:00 Grubman Garoni Ioppolo
16:30 Hoyte Roberson Hawtin
17:00 Herke Leopardi Maruta
Evening Trip to Cottesloe

Tuesday, 10th December

9:00 Vida Dujmović
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Rao Cakić Kaemawichanurat
11:00 Guo Glasby Krzywkowski
11:30 Lehner Glen Afzaly
12:00 S. Smith Simpson Pettersson
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Bill Martin
15:30 Afternoon tea
16:00 Ogata Barát Zemljič
16:30 Connor Bong Acan
17:00 CMSA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, 11th December

9:00 Matt DeVos
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Mo Tai Seberry
11:00 Shiromoto Hui Tan
11:30 Chen Raithel Awyzio
12:00 Nelson Wong Corr
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Excursion

Thursday, 12th December

9:00 Primož Potočnik
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 L. Morgan Raass Kimura
11:00 Verret Mahamendige Kamibeppu
11:30 J.X. Zhou Marbach M. Smith
12:00 Mani Demirkale Minchenko
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Tamás Szőnyi
15:30 Afternoon tea
16:00 Ushio Swartz K. Morgan
16:30 Kobayashi Schmidt Greenhill
17:00 Cavenagh Praeger Ramadurai
19:00 Conference dinner (UniClub)

Friday, 13th December

9:00 Graham Farr
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Wood Maenhaut Horsley
11:00 Pivotto Pineda-Villavicencio Ó Catháin
11:30 Chiba Conder Roberts
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Wanless Semple
14:30 Faller Sugeng
15:00 McKay Jensen
15:30 Afternoon tea
18:00 Survivors party