There are quite a few places to have lunch and/or dinner close to campus, many catering to the student population and others to the local residents. This brief guide excludes the local pubs, which are described in the accompanying pub guide.

Please remember that Perth is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and was recently deemed the most expensive city in the Southern Hemisphere, and so prices will seem anywhere from high to astronomical, depending on what you are used to at home.
Note however that the listed prices include all taxes and service charges, and tipping is not customary. It is also usual to get up from the table and pay the bill as you leave (rather than wait for the bill to be brought to the table).

We’ve given a very rough qualitative price estimation for each of the commercial eateries on the following scale (indicating the rough salary level at which it would be comfortable to eat regularly at the given restaurant).

  • Student
  • Postdoc
  • Lecturer
  • Professor
  • Dean-to-VC

Adding drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, will usually increase the price considerably. However some eateries are BYO (“Bring Your Own”) where you can bring your own alcoholic drinks (often restricted to wine only), and pay a “corkage charge” which is usually substantially less than the mark-up on alcoholic beverages. Each restaurant sets its own rules, so check first.

In what follows, the links are to Urbanspoon so you can check details such as customer reviews, telephone numbers and opening hours (bearing in mind that Urbanspoon is not guaranteed to be completely up-to-date). Opening hours for the student-focussed
restaurants tend to be seasonal and many will have reduced hours out of semester.

University Club

The University Club, which occupies an imposing building opposite Matilda Bay, is the staff club on campus. It has a cafe that is popular at lunchtime and a bar that is popular on Friday evenings (but usually relatively quiet on other evenings). It also serves relatively good coffee and cakes, and for many of us it is the “default choice” for on-campus coffee meetings, taking visitors, celebrating grants and promotions etc.

It is a members-and-guests-only facility, but we have arranged for a complimentary one-week membership for all delegates to the conference, so feel free to use the club.

The cafe serves rolls and sandwiches at about $8.50, a salad bar at around $10, a daily lunch special at $10 and a reasonable range of meals cooked-to-order at $13-$20.

Jugs (pitchers) of draft beer are around $16 for about 1140ml and glasses of house wine around $6-$8.

Hampden Road Eateries

G’Fun (Student)
Numerous variants of chicken and rice for under $5
Jesters (Student)
Chain take-away selling numerous types of “meat pie in a jaffle crust”
Wok and Roll (Postdoc)
Japanese take-away lunch joint with sushi, teriyaki chicken etc.
Viet Nosh (Postdoc)
Vietnamese cafe with pho and other standards
Ohnamiya (Postdoc)
Japanese cafe/restaurant
Dome (Postdoc)
Generic chain of cafes, not unpleasant, but of no particular distinction
Boubar (Postdoc-Lecturer)
Funky cafe for breakfast and lunch
Lambrettas (Lecturer)
Home-style Italian cafe with eccentric-but-fun owner
Tiamo Cafe (Lecturer-Professor)
Long-established “modern Australian” (i.e. a bit of everything)
La Lola (Professor)
Smart buzzy Italian cafe, small tables, crowded and noisy
Wild Duck (Dean-to-VC)
Relaxed Italian fine dining

Broadway / Stirling Highway Eateries

Bites on Broadway (Student)
Sandwich shop and burgers
Barretts (Student)
Bakery, pastries, sandwiches and rolls, and coffee
Neds Cafe (Student)
Coffee, cakes and croissants – our regular morning coffee haunt!
The Tenth State (Student)
Coffee, cakes and quirky but expensive gifts and “objets” for sale
Rocketfuel (Student)
Take-away (and drive-through) coffee and juice
Mothers (Student)
Burgers, sandwiches and bain-marie meals
Chilliz (Student)
Chicken ’n rice, or rice ’n chicken in a variety of different styles are your only choices, but hugely popular with students due to sub-$5 prices
[U-Cafe] (Student)
A new outlet at University Hall (facing Stirling Highway) serving coffee (only in take-away cups) and cakes.
Sunflowers at Chinese Village (Postdoc)
Blast from the past – an original 1970s style Chinese restaurant, still serving classic dishes such as sweet ’n sour pork and lemon chicken. However if you don’t mind the daggy decor, there are some surprisingly good dishes – an excellent sang choi bow and an equally good roast duck.
TQR (Lecturer)
Popular Vietnamese with both indoor and outdoor seating.
Itsara (Professor)
Exquisite but expensive Thai food
Pata Negra (Dean-to-VC)
Tapas restaurant run by one of Perth’s “name” chefs (David Coomer). Small serves of delicious food at top prices.

Broadway Fair Eateries

Nagano (Student)
Excellent sushi, bento and other Japanese dishes. Recommended.
Malaysian Gourmet (Student)
Excellent noodle dishes (e.g Penang kway-teow) and other Malaysian/Singapore favourites. Recommended.
Ararat Kebabs
Excellent kebabs and pide. Also recommended.
Brother Gozleme (Student)
Turkish take-away only lunch-bar. Not as popular as Ararat, but still well-reviewed.
Hawker Food (Student)
Stir-fries, noodles and standard Indian-Malaysian hawker style food. Seems to use more oil than Malaysian Gourmet.
University Asian Restaurant (Postdoc)
An uninspired Chinese sit-down restaurant, but with a separate lunch bar that is not bad. Decent BBQ and roast pork.
Weir’s Kitchen (Postdoc)
Latest of a long-run of cafes hampered by awkward upstairs corner position. Sandwiches, rolls, quiches and other cafe lunchtime fare.
[Chapter 88] (??)
Brand-new cafe replacing mediocre one that is deservedly out of business. Opening soon.

Broadway (River End)

Cafe 125
Coffee, pastries and sandwiches
Osteria Dei Sapori (Professor)
Upmarket Italian bistro style.
Curry Tree (Lecturer)
Indian restaurant.
Kido’s Japanese (Lecturer)
Serene Japanese restaurant in unlikely and unprepossessing carpark location. Decent food in calm surroundings.
Domino’s Pizza (Student)
Cheap fast pizza for hungry students with convenient online ordering via website or smartphone app. Usually voucher codes can be found online to further reduce the prices.
Broadway Pizza (Postdoc)
Local (non-chain) pizza parlour. Most people prefer this to Domino’s but without the economies of scale it is substantially more expensive.
Broadway Fish and Chips (Student)
Local chippie.


Matilda Bay Tea Rooms (Lecturer)
Kiosk-style tea room right on the river’s edge serving breakfast and lunch. Excellent location somewhat makes up for the high-for-what-you-get prices.
Matilda Bay Restaurant (Dean-to-VC)
Fine dining in beautiful riverside location. Mouth-watering food and eye-watering prices.