St George’s College

Accommodation has been reserved at St George’s College which is conveniently located across the road (Stirling Highway) from the university. There are four
types of room available:

  • Standard room ($70 a night) with shared bathroom
  • Newby room ($80 a night): bathroom shared with one other person.
  • Ensuite room ($90 a night)
  • Townhouse ($250 a night): three bedrooms, each with own ensuite. The townhouse is fully self-contained with a kitchen, lounge/dining room and laundry.

All rooms include breakfast, and the last three options all have air conditioning. Here is a pamphlet that gives you a better idea of what the inside of the rooms looks like.

To book please complete this form and follow the instructions. This includes paying one night’s accommodation as a deposit. If you would like to book your accommodation at St George’s College, you must contact them directly to see if they still have rooms available.

Other options